China Electronic Energy Saving Technology Association HVAC and Refrigeration Branch

Company Profile

The HVAC and Refrigeration Branch of China Electronics Energy Conservation Technology Association is a branch of China Electronics Energy Conservation Technology Association, established in February 2023. Under the leadership of the China Electronics Energy Conservation Technology Association, work is carried out in accordance with the association’s articles of association and various management regulations. The main task of the branch is to unite upstream and downstream resources in the refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump, purification, heating, ventilation, and cold chain industries, and create a collaborative innovation platform of "industry university research management and application"; Building bridges and bonds for cooperation between enterprises and governments; Collaborate with universities, design institutes, and high-tech enterprises to carry out domestic and international academic exchanges and scientific consulting activities, conduct thematic discussions and academic exchanges on key and difficult issues, and promote the growth and progress of industrial and technological talents in this field; Participate in research on relevant standards, regulations, and industrial policies; Editing and publishing industry standards, monographs, white papers, and other materials; Organize training activities on talent, technology, and management; Organize exhibitions, promotional events, investment fairs, etc.

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