China Refrigeration Industry Alliance

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The China Refrigeration Industry Alliance is an industry platform that connects manufacturing enterprises, trade engineering companies, universities and design institutes in the HVAC and refrigeration industries. Since its establishment, the Alliance has always been committed to serving all members and refrigeration industry workers in a united way and promoting the development of refrigeration science and technology as its own responsibility, helping enterprises improve brand awareness and enhance core competitiveness; Build bridges and ties for cooperation between enterprises and governments; Create a collaborative innovation platform of "production, learning and research", widely carry out domestic and international academic exchanges and scientific and technological consultation activities, edit and publish the Refrigeration Industry and the Procurement Directory, professional books, technical materials and popular science books, promote the growth and progress of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology talents, actively formulate and revise various refrigeration technologies and product standards, and organize and participate in international exhibitions and conferences, Organize industry experts to visit enterprises to answer questions and make due contributions to the prosperity and development of China’s refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

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