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DEHAVRES (Zhejiang) Automatic Control System Co., Ltd. (DEHAVRES) pays attention to science and technology and innovation, focusing on intelligent and comfortable home systems, ground temperature regulation five-constant system, three-constant system, dual supply system, wall hanging furnace and other automatic control systems, to better bring comfortable home life experience and services to High-end users in China. Over the years, we have always adhered to the concept of improving indoor home life and creating comfortable and healthy conditions for human home life. In response to the problem of healthy living caused by the breaking of the climate environment, Haffles provides a whole house smart and comfortable home system solution. It has more than hundreds of products such as ground temperature control system, water mixing system, wall hanging furnace control system, fresh air system, hydraulic balance distributor, diversity water collector, wifi remote control thermostat, actuator, automatic cleaning pre-filter, valve, PERT floor heating pipe, PPR pipe series, etc., which are used in air conditioning and ground cooling, heating, air purification, water purification system and other fields in home life.

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