Compstar (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd

Company Profile

CompStar? has companies in America, Asia and Europe. After entering the new century, with the transfer of global industrial production bases, Compstar? has a rapidly growing business in emerging markets. Operate various types of special lubricants including industrial lubricants and lubricant additives. The products include various types of synthetic lubricating oils (refrigeration oils) based on polyester (POE), alkylbenzene (AB), polyether (PAG) and other series. From light commercial refrigeration to large industrial refrigeration, CompStar? Chemical has been providing complete lubrication solutions for OEM customers and large engineering customers. We not only provide refrigeration lubricant for HCFC and HFC application but also have many mature solutions in new development directions, such as CO? refrigeration, R290 refrigeration, and other new refrigerants. CompStar? also has complete lubrication solutions in the field of air conditioners, including automotive air conditioners, household air conditioners, and commercial air conditioners to meet increasingly environmental protection requirements. For more information, please view our product information and contact us.

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