Chengdu Jinniu Refrigeration Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Chengdu Jinniu Refrigeration Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinniu refrigeration") is a professional material trade integrator of installation and maintenance equipment in refrigeration, air conditioning and HVAC industries. It started in 1990 and was officially established in 1994. Over the past three decades, it has been deeply engaged in refrigeration, air conditioning and HVAC industries and accumulated rich upstream and downstream resources. With the goal of "bulk materials, brand agents and self-owned brands", Jinniu refrigeration adheres to the positioning of medium and high-end customers and markets, and provides various brand products with worry free quality and numerous varieties for domestic traders and professional installation companies in the industry. After continuous reform and innovation, Jinniu refrigeration has fully realized digital management. Through the construction of internal ERP + WMS and external e-commerce platform, a whole chain operation mechanism with smooth internal and external communication and efficient business processing is formed. At the same time, it has an innovative and comprehensive information-based inventory and distribution system in the industry to ensure the material supply to the engineering providers. Jinniu refrigeration has achieved all-round coverage of franchise chains in Chengdu and prefecture level cities in Sichuan Province: Jinniu headquarters provides targeted services to large-scale engineering providers in Chengdu, and Jinniu Direct stores and franchise stores provide synchronous services to small and medium-sized customers to ensure the last kilometer of serving customers nearby.

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