Chengdu Koste Refrigeration Technology Co.,Ltd

Company Profile

Chengdu Coster Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, formerly the technical department of Chengdu Jinniu Refrigeration Co., Ltd., is now a high-tech enterprise that develops and produces low-temperature refrigeration units, special quick freezing equipment, refrigeration units and fresh-keeping units, and provides complete sets of solutions. 目前我们拥有自己的生产线及总装车间,产品囊括螺杆机组,活塞机组,各类并联机组,蒸发冷,铝排,物联网电控箱。代理国内外知名品牌压缩机,大明,莱富康,松下等系列,国内一线品牌浙江凯迪冷风机、冷凝器的四川囤货商,成都金牛制冷配件经销商之一,保质保量,原装正品,为广大客户提供一站式供应服务。 At present, we have our own production line and general assembly workshop. Our products include screw unit, piston unit, all kinds of parallel units, evaporative cooling, aluminum row and Internet of things electric control box. Acting as an agent for famous brand compressors at home and abroad, Daming, lefkang, Panasonic and other series, Sichuan stockist of domestic first-line brand Zhejiang Kaidi air cooler and condenser, and one of the dealers of Chengdu Jinniu refrigeration accessories, with quality and quantity guaranteed, original and genuine products, to provide customers with one-stop supply services. 公司拥有专业的、前沿的技术力量,集售前、售中、售后于一体,能满足不同规模、不同等级要求的应用需求,为您的需求保驾护航。 The company has professional and cutting-edge technical force, integrating pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, which can meet the application needs of different sizes and levels and escort your needs.

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