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Dalian Spindle Environmental Facilities Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Dalian Spindle Cooling Tower Co., Ltd.) is located in the beautiful coastal city - Dalian. It is jointly invested and built by Nihon Spindle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Dalian Bingshan Group Co., Ltd. on December 22, 1996, with a registered capital of 652 million yen. With automatic production equipment and modern laboratory, the company is the designated the teaching experimental base of Dalian University of Technology. Dalian Spindle Environmental Facilities Co., Ltd., as one of companies developing the industry standards for cooling tower in China, is mainly engaged in manufacturing and selling all kinds of cooling towers and precision air-conditioning equipment. The cooling tower produced by the company is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, small volume, light weight, quiet operation, sensitive control, beautiful appearance, long service life, small water drop loss and convenient maintenance. It can be widely used in automobile, data center, hotel, shopping mall, cinema, textile, chemical industry, tobacco, steel and other fields of national economy. In 2015, the precision air conditioning division was established to manufacture and sell high-precision air conditioning of constant temperature and humidity. With Nihon Spindle’s technology, all products of the division can provide the high-precision temperature and humidity control solutions. The division has the production capacity of high-precision air conditioning of constant temperature and humidity and related equipment in dust-free room. The highest control accuracy of air-conditioning products can reach ± 0.02 ℃ in temperature and ± 0.5% in humidity, which is suitable for semiconductor and LCD panel manufacturing, ultra precision mold and parts processing, ultra precision measurement and many other industries and fields that have strict requirements on the working environment. Since its inception, the company has adhered to strict management, strengthened the awareness of technological excellence, and established a set of effective management systems. The company has successively obtained high-tech enterprise certification certificate, ISO14001 environmental management system certification certificate, ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification certificate, GB / T28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system certification certificate, EU CE certification, ISO27001 information security management system certification certificate and FM certification.

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