Dongguan Newyoung Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Dongguan Newyoung Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan, known as the world factory, with the registered brand of "new young". The company mainly produces: air conditioning filter screen, air filter, primary, medium and high efficiency filter, air filter cotton, aquarium filter cotton, chemical and activated carbon filter and dust filter element. The company’s products are widely used in more than 200 industries and fields, such as high-precision electronics, electroplating, metallurgy, metal cutting, biopharmaceutical, tobacco, plastics, food, chemical industry, large transportation hub, automobile manufacturing, air conditioning, HVAC, coating workshop, fresh air, hospital, scientific research laboratory and so on; The company has dozens of professional technicians. The R & D center is deeply engaged in the R & D and innovation of environmental protection technology and new air purification technologies, new materials and new products. The products are sold all over the country and exported overseas. They have successively undertaken and completed a number of projects all over the country. The quality is excellent and has passed the acceptance of relevant departments at one time. The excellent quality has won wide praise in the industry.

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