Company Profile

D& A Rubber is a leading manufacturer of rubber profiles, tube, cord, hose, seals, gaskets, vulcanize joining ring gasket and frames with extrusions, and mould articles. We serve a diverse clientele from the HVAC to sanitary, from construction to lighting, from industrial to machinery, from food service to military. Every customer among the thousands we have served has shared a common need for quality, responsiveness and flexibility. Our main products is belowing: Rubber extrusion profile: Rubber solid extrusion, co-extrusion, rubber sponge extrusion, EPDM extrusion, silicone extrusion, NBR extrusion, neoprene extrusion, SBR extrusion...Sealing profile application for building, construction, HVAC, industries, lighting, sanitary and marine. Pipe fitting Gasket: Injection jointed, hot vulcanize jointed Vent sealing gasket, cord ring gasket, chimney flue gasket, sewer pipe gasket, manhole pipe gasket, iron pipe gasket, concrete pipe gasket, grooved coupling gasket Silicone products: Silicone solid extrusion, silicone sponge extrusion, platinum curing Silicone tubing, peroxide silicone tubing, silicone profiles, gasket, seals, moulding, washer, stopper, damper etc. Moulded rubber: Rubber Seal, Bellow, washer, LED lighting gasket, bumper, buffer, anti-vibration damper, rubber grommet, coupling gasket, rubber-metal bonded, O-ring, etc. Tubing and cord: Silicone tubing, Neoprene tubing, EPDM tubing, NBR tubing, , NR tubing, rubber cord, silicone cord, sponge cord etc.

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