Company Profile

Gemlin Door(Beijing) Co.,Ltd . is a professional provider of industrial doors and logistic loading /unloading equipment. When Gemlin established in Beijing in 2007, the inception of the company is to introduce European most competitive products to China. We successively set up branches in Shenyang, Tianjin, Shanghai , Taiyuan and an office in Zhengzhou. All products Gemlin provide have got EU CE certification. Among the entire industry in China, Gemlin is the few company which can provide a full range of industrial doors and logistics equipment. The products of Gemlin include Industrial doors, garage doors, cold storage doors, logistic loading/unloading equipment,Equipment for environmental improvement of the factory and equipment for maintenance of equipment , etc . Gemlin products have been widely used in automobile manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, precision machinery, clean workshop, refrigeration industry and other related industries, especially in food, medicine, refrigerated and the automobile manufacturing industry, which we have more advanced concepts, more professional literacy and impressive performance and we can provide perfect tailored solutions for you. Through perfect management mechanism, Gemlin has been one of the leading enterprises in the industry , with a national service network of marketing , installation and after - sale service . The company has three production bases in china --Tianjin,Wuxi and Rizhao, each base produces different types of products.

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