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Frascold is headquartered in Milan, Italy, and its factory is located in Rescaldina, Italy. Since its establishment in 1936, it has focused on the production, manufacturing and sales of compressors for more than 80 years. Its long history is marked by transformation and cutting-edge technology. The compressors produced by Frascold are mainly used in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industries. The products are sold all over the world for various purposes:? Commercial Refrigeration? Industrial and refrigeration process? Transport cold chain transportation? Comfort? Heat Pump? Ice machines? Ice cream production? Cryogenic application low temperature field? ShipyardFrascold has won international reputation and praise for its outstanding products and technological improvement capabilities, and its unremitting pursuit of quality and innovationprovide sustainable technical solutions while focusing on customer relationships to promote long-term partnerships with customers.Frascold China subsidiary was established in Shanghai in 2014 and is solely responsible for the operation of Frascold compressors in the Chinese market. The Shanghai company focuses on operating Frascold’s market in China from the following aspects:Flexible and timely policy: Combined with the professional services of Frascold technical team, Frascold has a relatively flexible sales and after-sales policy. To do everything for customers as the purpose, in order to better provide customers with services and support and conduct a series of marketing activities. For all Frascold products, our application engineers will serve customers with professional technology and provide certain technical support.Large-scale storage center: In order to better realize the short delivery time and fast delivery issues, Frascold also responded accordingly, that is, not only has a large inventory of complete machines in China, but also prepared imported parts for maintenance. In order to better and more comprehensively ensure the needs of domestic users. Each type of compressor and accessories has a certain amount of safety stock to ensure better service to domestic customers.Short delivery time: Based on the large warehousing deployed by Frascold in the Chinese market, we can guarantee the possibility of "fast delivery", which is sufficient to meet the demands of customers for "short delivery time". At the same time, the Frascold logistics team also guarantees high-quality logistics delivery services to ensure that every Frascold compressor is delivered to customers perfectly.Sales and Service Center: Frascold’s commercial organization has now been adjusted and deployed, becoming more clear and rigid. Frascold implements a strict regional protection policy, and the division of regions is very clear. Customers, OEMs and distributors must strictly abide by the rules. Frascold strictly eliminates the illegal operations.Technical support: The technical support that customers need is not only through pre-sales, but also through after-sales to understand and learn how to use Frascold products correctly. Today, the company’s management organization and organizational structure can ensure the maximum efficiency of customer use and after-sales service. In particular, Frascold China can provide customers with assistance in the design of machines and equipment, and provide technical support and personnel training for customers who wish to use new ecological refrigerants. We have learned a wealth of experience in manufacturing compressors in European countries, and Frascold is also willing to share these experiences in using environmentally friendly refrigerants.For more information, please click on the Frascold Chinese website:

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