Winters to ground source heat pump industry market is declining
2016-12-16 0:00:00 | Industry | CREXPO

In the first half of the past, ground source heat pump product growth rate of 22.4% in the central air conditioning nine category from the first. After last year's decline, this year the market not only failed to brake, but with more severe situation.


Ground source heat pump has been up for many years, of which there are the government's policy support, in recent years, governments everywhere obviously also gradually add subsidies, in theory, the development of ground source heat pump should have entered the booming season is, why this two years the market rise but not fall? The industry can not help but ask: "ground source heat pump: what's the matter?"


Ground source heat pump industry market is declining


Since ground source heat pump into our country, since the market output value increased from less than hundreds of thousands of yuan to ten billion yuan, at present, the ground source heat pump using area of more than 300 million square meters, has the world's largest.


Advantages of ground source heat pump system is obvious, on the one hand, good operation and energy saving, on the other hand can replace fossil fuels to reduce emissions, but can you make out of ground source heat pump system energy saving system, the key lies in the scheme of ground source heat pump itself not only, also be involved in the rationality of the design, construction and operation, and matching system and at the end of the fitment.


In recent years, under the trend of energy saving and emission reduction drive, more and more application of ground source heat pump system, especially in support of national policy face also gradually increased, ground source heat pump in full development, but the plain source heat pump market after 2 years market explosive growth to the market downturn, in 2013, under the influence of the environment, the policy, plain source heat pump market after a 27% decline in 2012, a 19% decline in again.


Initial investment cost is too high marketing can be difficult


Because of the ground source heat pump and central air conditioning system, not only need to purchase equipment, material, installation host, indoor fan coil units, also need to drilling, cost of manpower, material resources and financial resources is bigger, plus use ground source heat pump 3, the outside of the installation of air-conditioning parts, but also undertake the installation of floor heating and living hot water construction, make the cost of ground source heat pump is higher than general central air conditioning costs.


Take an average of several hundred square meters villa, with a ground source heat pump system not less than 100000, the same price of household central air-conditioning installation, household more online, etc., can be installed for 3 to 5 sets.


Blind development exposed problems The market failed to sell


In recent years, ground source heat pump has been a large number of application and rapid development, has also exposed a lot of serious irreversible problems, even if some regions after long-term use, soil temperature continues to fall or rise, affect system operation efficiency; Some system reference surface water iced phenomenon, cause the loss of efficiency and even stop altogether.


Plain source heat pump in the early stage of the development of domestic market, due to the blind pursuit of the concept of green air conditioner, in many plain source heat pump is not suitable for development of engineering project in the application of the plain source heat pump products, lead to some projects in various problems in practical application, the health development of plain source heat pump has a bad influence.


Across the country, ground source heat pump engineering often make a fool of yourself is already an open secret. In the absence of a strong technical support and implementation means, many projects still crustily skin of head on, infinite hidden trap for subsequent operations. Therefore, plain source heat pump product sales have been failed to sell.


A program is not suitable for use plain source heat pump product, the relevant units need project is located on the related water quality, geological conditions analysis and research, on the basis of relevant theoretical value, can see whether the project is suitable for use in the end. So for the promotion of ground source heat pump, we must respect science, strict reasoning, adjust measures to local conditions to develop scientific and efficient system application solutions.


Policy is bound to a certain extent also hinder the development of ground source heat pump


Frankly speaking, the government for many years in the macro level is not thin to the support of the development of ground source heat pump, no matter from the aspects of policy tilt or money. The ministry of finance and the ministry of joint mandate to provide subsidies for ground source heat pump application engineering of the news caused a stir in the industry, the move to ground source heat pump set the tone for reward.


But an indisputable fact is that the ground source heat pump in China at present is still in the development of relying on policy environment. At present domestic air conditioning market, less than 10% market share of ground source heat pump, through subsidies and other means of local government, to use ground source pump enterprise and project cash incentives and subsidies, to become the biggest driver of ground source heat pump products to market.


The result of well-meaning, for not bring out the best in each other. Interests bewitch, many people are desperate for funds, ground source heat pump projects rush, the result cans be imagined.


Application and technology industry standard specification is not yet perfect


But the ground source heat pump industry in our country standard and technology standard is not perfect in itself. Problem of low temperature geothermal resources development and utilization in our country is more, the first is the lack of perfect the pump manufacturing standards of the state and application of the technical specifications, they cannot effectively unified, in addition, most domestic ground source heat pump promoters are equipment manufacturers, in the ground source heat pump equipment unit doesn't provide the design of the overall system, result in energy saving and system is not energy-saving.


Ground source heat pump project is a systems engineering, usually need to in the process of implementation of hydrogeology survey, city municipal management, and groundwater environmental protection department, machinery, electric power, building environment and equipment such as the coordination of different departments. In order to more healthy development of ground source heat pump system, documents require relevant government departments to the integrator of qualification evaluation and certification, should be established in the design, construction and monitoring department special qualification management system.