Ancool T100 "omnipotent" series intelligent temperature controller
  • ACOL(Shanghai) Online Controls Co., Ltd
  • product brand:ANCOOL安库
  • Numéro de stand:W2G59
  • product specification:Ancool T100 "omnipotent" series
  • product category:Air Conditioning-Central air conditioning plants-
  • product introduction:The T100 "all-round" series intelligent temperature controller of ancool anku is the first intelligent temperature controller with the most complete functions in China. It can set the working modes of refrigeration, refrigeration + ground cooling, heating, heating + ground heating, ground heating, ventilation, etc. it can be used as the control of four tube fan coil through parameter setting. In addition, it has passive host interlock output, and RS485 can be selected according to the needs Or WiFi, both of which have obtained the certification of easy command app, can quickly access the "easy command app", and open the easy command app through the mobile phone to control the terminal devices in the cloud.