Acol electric butterfly valve SEV5 series
  • ACOL(Shanghai) Online Controls Co., Ltd
  • product brand:ACOL
  • Numéro de stand:W2G59
  • product specification:SEV5 series
  • product category:Air Conditioning-Central air conditioning plants-
  • product introduction:SEV5 series electric butterfly valve is a new generation of innovative electric valve developed by Acol R & D personnel aiming at the pain points in the current HVAC system. It mainly solves the problems of small diameter, large resistance, small closing pressure difference and easy to be stuck by foreign matters in the electric valve in the current HVAC water system. It can also avoid some types of electric valve opening and closing The sound of water hammer produced in an instant. There are two ceramic valve discs in the disc valve body. When the two valve discs overlap, the valve is fully opened. When the two valve discs are separated, the valve is fully closed. Because the water on one side is not overstocked to the other side when the valve is opened and closed, there is no water hammer problem of conventional electric valve, and the noise of opening and closing is lower than that of conventional electric valve. The opening and closing of the two ceramic valve pieces in the valve body move on the same plane, and there is no problem that the electric ball valve is easy to be stuck by foreign matters. The control valve driver is driven by a bidirectional synchronous motor. The motor and the temperature controller are connected through the common end, the open end and the closed end. The temperature controller continuously samples and processes the field data, sends out control signals to make the electric disc valve motor run or stop, and controls the opening and closing degree of the electric disc valve. The chilled water or hot water enters the fan coil to provide air conditioning or heating for the room. When the room temperature reaches the set value of the temperature controller, the temperature controller turns off the power of the electric disc valve, so that the opening degree of the valve is in the best state, and the room temperature is always maintained Within the temperature range set by the thermostat. The driver and the valve are connected by thread. The driver can be installed after the valve is installed. Field assembly, convenient wiring. The plane design of the driver can be installed close to the wall, which takes up less space. The product is reliable and durable with low noise.