ACOL 黄铜WFY系列带排污阀的过滤器
  • ACOL(Shanghai) Online Controls Co., Ltd
  • product brand:ACOL
  • Numéro de stand:W2G59
  • product specification:WFY series
  • product category:Air Conditioning-Central air conditioning plants-
  • product introduction:Filter is one of the two most important components of water system. The mesh number of filter and its own pressure drop greatly affect the stability of main engine and the long-term energy efficiency of water system. Compared with the host, the larger the mesh number of the filter, the higher the filtration efficiency, and the less impurities are easy to enter the heat exchanger. Once the impurities enter the heat exchanger, it will directly affect the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger, and even cause the heat exchanger to freeze. The larger the mesh number of the filter, the greater the pressure drop of the filter itself, the greater the pump head consumed, and the smaller the flow of the water system, which is unfavorable to the work of the main engine. Therefore, the diameter, mesh number and pressure drop of the filter are very important. For the main engine with small pump head, if the mesh number of the filter is increased unilaterally, the risk of the pressure drop resulting in the reduction of water flow is also high Very large, do not increase the number of filter mesh, let impurities into the heat exchanger, the impact on the energy efficiency of the host is irresponsible to the user, usually mesh in 40-60 mesh is more appropriate. Therefore, choosing a filter with larger mesh and smaller pressure drop is the best choice for water system. The filter designed with Acol design idea is not only 100% larger than the traditional filter, but also less than 50% of the traditional filter's pressure drop. In addition, it has a pressure gauge (integrated temperature and pressure gauge) interface, and manual blowdown, which can blow down without tools. The pressure gauges at both ends of the filter can judge whether it is necessary to clean the filter by reading the inlet and outlet pressure .