The DC fan motor for Multiple Units(indoor unit)
  • ChangZhou Yongan electric co.,LTD
  • product brand:YONGAN ELECTROMOTOR
  • Numéro de stand:B3N22N8G09
  • product specification:ZSK30-8 ZSK60-8 ZDK100-8 ZDK170-8
  • product category:Refrigeration Equipment-Components for refrigerating systems and plants-Compressor and accessories
  • product introduction:INTRODUCTION The motor series are used as the indoor and outdoor fan motor for all kinds of multiple units. It is brushless DC motor with high efficiency, low noise, infinitely variable speeds and has two varieties: with position sensor or without position sensor. Its design adopts high-performance magnetic material with less material of internal structure and low resistance coil, plastic packaged casing, reliable waterproof structure therefore it is the best driving motor for all kinds of air conditioner and fan of freezer。