Pressure Control & Pressure Sensor & Heater band/wire
  • Changzhou Match-Well Pressure Control Technology Co., Ltd
  • product brand:Match-Well
  • Numéro de stand:B4G36
  • product specification:
  • product category:Miscellaneous-Others-
  • product introduction:The pressure switches mainly used for high-low pressure protection of residential and commercial air-conditioners, ice maker and other refrigeration equipment and also air compressor, pneumatic tool and other industrial equipment. Pressure Sensors/Transducers mainly used for pressure control for automobiles and HVAC equipment The electrical heater band/wire can be used for heating small, medium-sized ,and large compressor,air-conditioning outdoor chassis and air conditioning plate heat exchanger, Some products is applicable for auxiliary heating and defrosting of air conditioning panels, refrigerators and freezers, etc.