Precision external oil separator-vertical
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  • product brand:Gensky
  • Numéro de stand:E2B31
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  • product category:制冷和空调设备的安装材料和设备--
  • product introduction:The precision external oil separator of JTM series screw machine has a great improvement in oil separation eficiency compared with traditional external oil separator.Oil efficiency can reach 99%, and no noise when working. Operating state in the liquid phase of refrigerating oil accounted for the vast majority of all the injected oil. The diameters of these liquid oil droplets are mostly in the range of 1 to 50 u m, and a few are as small as gas molecules, only 0.01 um. JTM series screw machine precision external oil separation in three times. Primary separation -- inertia and gravity separation: after the oil and gas mixture discharged from the compressor enters the oil, a large number of large diameter oil droplets are separated from the oil and gas mixture due to the action of inertia and gravity and settle to the bottom of the oil separation cylinder due to the increase of flow area and the decrease of flow velocity. Secondary separation · ollision separation: the mixture of oil and gas after oil content of internal baffle and obstacles such as packing, ollision with obstacles wall air velocity decreased to zero after reverse continued to flow, oil droplets due to the inertia and viscous effect gathered in internal baftle and packing of the wall, and the effect of gravity fall to the bottom of the oil cylinder, resulting in the further separation. The third time separation - affinity aggregation separation: the oil and gas mixture through the oil filter element, using the affinity aggregation effect of the filter element, separation of small amount of frozen oil in the mixture. Affinity aggregation separation is mainly used to separate oil droplets with diameter less than 1 u m, which consists of two processes: fltration and aggregation.