Mobile environmental air conditioning
  • suzhou xwy
  • product brand:Xia Weiyi
  • Numéro de stand:W4B53
  • product specification:1710*670*1120
  • product category:Air Conditioning-Air conditioners-Movable air conditioners
  • product introduction:Mobile environmental air conditioning is also known as: mobile water air conditioning, mobile cooling fan, mobile air conditioning fan The cooling principle is similar to the external environmental protection air conditioner Product features: the whole fuselage shell is made of high strength and weatherability engineering new materials, which is non corrosive, durable, beautiful and atmospheric; with remote control, it can be adjusted in three gears, with live wind swing, left and right up and down swing, radiation, and larger applicable area; no installation, plug-in and water filling, quick solution to muggy problems, and can be used in any place, with universal wheel, and can be moved at will New wet curtain paper, saving electricity and environmental protection, with obvious cooling effect, increasing temperature; microcomputer program, clear and luxurious LCD panel.