SDLC series refrigerant cleaning machine
  • Foshan Shunde Dinglian Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
  • product brand:Success®
  • Numéro de stand:E4F54
  • product specification:SDLC
  • product category:Tools and Equipment for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning-Cleaning appliances and materials-
  • product introduction:1. PLC and man-machine interface control are adopted to facilitate man-machine interaction; 2. The condenser, expansion valve, evaporator and system pipeline can be cleaned loosely. 3. The cleaning condition of the refrigeration system can be monitored through the transparent window. 4. There is no need to use liquid medicine to clean the air conditioning system, and the pipeline, oil seal and any accessories are not damaged. 5. Refrigerant is used as cleaning solvent to eliminate secondary pollution of air conditioning system. It is easy to purchase and store. 6. Just connect the high and low pressure work pipes, no manual operation, no liquid medicine, easy to complete the cleaning workMake. The pipeline, shaft seal and any accessories will not be damaged during operation. 7. No manual operation and high degree of automation. 8. The cleaning time setting function is configured to set the cleaning time according to the size and pollution degree of the air conditioning system. 9. Equipped with pulse washing function of forward washing and backwashing. 10. The cleaning agent purification system is built in the machine, and the cleaning agent can be recycled to avoid waste and environmental pollution. 11. The consumable materials are general materials, which are easy to purchase and low in cost. 12. Clean the refrigerant oil and impurities from the refrigeration system and collect them into the collector of the machine for centralized discharge. 13. The machine has built-in overpressure warning device, overpressure shutdown device and overpressure self discharging device, which is safe and reliable. 14. Four casters configuration, flexible movement, beautiful and durable.