SD-680 refrigerant recycling machine
  • Foshan Shunde Dinglian Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
  • product brand:Success®
  • Numéro de stand:E4F54
  • product specification:SD-680
  • product category:Tools and Equipment for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning-Evacuation and filling equipment-Refrigerant charging equipment
  • product introduction:1. Double input channel design, recycling thorough, fast. 2. Multi stage filter configuration to remove impurities. 3. Large dryer configuration, remove water. 4. The oil separator is equipped to remove the lubricating oil from the refrigerant. 5. Air refrigerant separation configuration, complete separation of air. 6. Automatic shutdown configuration after recovery. 7. Configuration of high voltage overvoltage protection. 8. Full automatic stop configuration. 9. Large capacity working tank configuration, large recovery. 10. Safe and reliable, mobile flexible, easy to operate, beautiful and durable.