SD-670 refrigerant Recycling machine
  • Foshan Shunde Dinglian Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
  • product brand:Success®
  • Numéro de stand:E4F54
  • product specification:SD-670
  • product category:Tools and Equipment for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning-Evacuation and filling equipment-Refrigerant charging equipment
  • product introduction:1. Designed and manufactured for the large refrigeration equipment and the refrigerant recovery of the refrigerant cylinder,with long-term and reliable operation; 2. Recycle the refrigerant into the recovery machine, convert it into liquid refrigerant, store it in the steel cylinder for reuse; 3. Recycling is clean and fast; 4. Equipped with large-scale drying filter to thoroughly remove the impurities and moisture in the refrigerant; 5. Configure oil separation device to remove lubricating oil from refrigerant; 6. High pressure and overpressure automatic shutdown device, automatic pressure relief device, safe and reliable; 7. Assemble heavy casters and move flexibly.