Kenfield smart monitor
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  • product brand:Ken fitow
  • Numéro de stand:B4K28N8E49
  • product specification:Non-standard custom
  • product category:Refrigeration Equipment-Refrigeration systems and plants-Chillers, liquid
  • product introduction:Ken fitow temperament smart hvac and air purifying device linkage controller at the end, according to the indoor air environment automatic confirmation work mode, adjust the fan speed automatically according to the difference in temperature and indoor environment and the water valve switch, to maintain a healthy and comfortable without the need for operating the indoor air quality, air quality and the current visual display in the operating screen.1) design features Super modern appearance design, suitable for office, hotel, home ★ standard design, can be installed directly in 86 boxes ★ black and white color contrast design/all black and white optional, fashion classic 4.3 "full color LCD screen, Chinese and English and icon display ★ time switch machine function ★ low temperature protection mode can be selected after shutdown ★ through the installation Settings can lock (unlock) part or all of the keys Temperature set value range can be limited, more energy saving effect Taken the built-in temperature and humidity, PM2.5, TVOC 器, CO2 sensor, real-time display the current air quality. Open RS485 interface protocol, convenient access to intelligent building control system