Three-phase motor testing system
  • qingdao AIP intelligent instrument co.,Lltd.
  • product brand:AIP
  • Numéro de stand:N7C11
  • product specification:AIP9963/AIP9983 series
  • product category:Miscellaneous-Testing, Certification and Training-
  • product introduction:Function feature: ■Digital closed-loop feedback control mode, automatic voltage adjustment mode, output voltage automatic correction avoid the influence of grid fluctuation, all of these ensure the test precision. ■Built-in the industrial computer, the product could store testing conditions and results infinitely. The USB interface on the product makes data copy more convenient. ■Humanized interface, Windows system and professional control software make the interface simple and clear. ■Real-time environment temperature detection, automatic switch of resistance test results to the standard temperature value makes it more easier to determine the test results and ensures the test consistency. ■The testing system can integrate with all types of production management systems, and possess the function of bar code scanning, table and name plate printing and some other extended functions. ■The control core of tester is ARM high-speed processor, which processes data in a quick and comprehensive way. ■High efficiency, six tests can be done within 10s. (Not include the motor startup time) ■Support the communication with power frequency converter, and control the output of it, so as to ensure the precision of power output. Product description This series of products are mainly applied to testing the safety, no-load and stall of all types of three-phase motors and single-phase single speed motors. All tests can be conducted with once wire connection. The system, integrated controlled by industrial computers, is featured with high stability, small size, fast speed and high efficiency. Test AC Hipot, insulation resistance, surge, winding resistance, stall (voltage, current and power), no-load (voltage, current and power)