Die-cast rotor testing system
  • qingdao AIP intelligent instrument co.,Lltd.
  • product brand:AIP
  • Numéro de stand:N7C11
  • product specification:AIP868X series
  • product category:Miscellaneous-Testing, Certification and Training-
  • product introduction:Function feature: Data display: test result determined by upper and lower limit data setting Waveform display: product data displayed in waveform, clear and simple to check Quick fix: load and upload rotor manually, fix rotor automatically and quickly Test fast: takes around 3-5 second to test all the bars, improve efficiency and reduce cost Complete tests: different faults can be detected via test Fixture option: manual and automatic fixture mode can be selected as to the rotor structure NG position trace: bar NG position can be displayed Optional function: end ring can be tested on AIP8689 series product Product description: Imported the international testing technology and developed the special sensor, AIP launched the rotor testing system that determine the conducting bar quality with digital signal process method, and applied the testing system for aluminum and copper die casting rotor, such as compressor motor rotor, washing machine motor rotor, fan motor rotor, pump motor rotor, automotive motor and three-phase asynchronous motor rotor. Main test function: broken bar, bar filling quality (thin bar, porosity, bubble, hole), leakage between squirrel cage and iron core, squirrel cage eccentricity, slot deviation and end ring(optional) Test Broken bar, slim bar, maximum amplitude, minimum amplitude, comprehensive value, end ring resistance and impedance (optional)