aquatherm blue pipe
  • Aquatherm Pipe System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • product brand:aquatherm
  • Numéro de stand:B2J22N8D49
  • product specification:
  • product category:Assembly Supplies for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning-Pipes-Pipe connectors and supports
  • product introduction:Made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene, aquatherm blue pipe is ideal for the transport of cooling and heating media in closed systems. It is particularly well suited for a wide variety of industrial applications. The physical properties of the plastic, such as its high temperature capacity and pressure resistance, are tailored to the specific needs of the heating and cooling sector. aquatherm blue pipe is joined via reliable heat fusion, which produces a virtually leak-free and cohesive unit with excellent safety and durability. aquatherm blue pipe combined with aquatherm green pipe fittings provides all the technology and components required for the piping installation of commercial air conditioning and heating systems and industrial applications.