Low Temperature Heating Series Heat Pump
  • product brand:Theodoor
  • Numéro de stand:B5B06N7C25
  • product specification:6-12KW
  • product category:Heating Equipment-Floor-mounted radiation, Infrared radiation, Wire or Electric diaphragm heating equipment-Centralized water heater
  • product introduction:Compressor Adopting the international brand "Copeland" Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) ZW series compressor, it is suitable for running in ultra-low temperature environment. The output capacity is 40% higher than that of the conventional Copeland compressor, and the energy efficiency is 20% higher, the operation is more stable and long life. Thermal expansion valve Using U.S. Danfoss & Emerson's new generation thermal expansion valve to realize automatic temperature adjustment in the cryogenic environment, the adjusting range is wide, with quick and sensitive control. It is stable and reliable, which can effectively protect the life time of compressor. Evaporator Use 2 ~ 3 layers U type Hydrophilic foil fins, not easy to frost and defrost more thoroughly. It can prolong the service life of evaporator, with a lot of features, such as anticorrosion, anti-mold, odorless, reducing engine noise and corrosion resistance. Heat exchanger Built-in high quality efficient can. Using the efficient tube in shell and the compact spiral structure of the tube, ensure that the refrigerant is fully exchanged, which is several times more heat than the tube in tube structure. The integral copper tube has no internal welding point, ensuring the system is stable and operation for long time. The water side flow does not have the blind area of the water, the velocity of water flow is stable, the heat exchanger is not easy to freeze partly and not easy to scale. 5 anti-frost anti-freeze technology, can conquer the ultra-low temperature environment.