SS5F5140 Semi- hermetic Efficient Air- conditioning Acrew Compressor
  • product brand:Refcomp
  • Numéro de stand:N1F09
  • product specification:1640×796×963
  • product category:Air Conditioning-Central air conditioning plants-
  • product introduction:latest version of SRM rotor profile is specialized for flooded package/heat pump package conditions, with compression efficiency up to highest international level in the same type. Synchronous/asynchronous efficient VFD/fixed frequency motors can be equipped as per customer request, which will improve the capacity and application range of a single compressor greatly.High strength mechanical structure and high-precision bearings are used to ensure long- term high- efficiency and reliable operation at high speed. Fully automatic VI control system could automatically adapt the VI to the optimal during compression operation as per different conditions. Thus, eliminate over compression and less compression, ensure low noise and high efficiency when compressor operates. Automatically control oil supply. By controlling oil temperature control valve, it automatically increases oil supply when oil temperature is over high and enlarges operation range of compressor and improves efficiency. Fully automatic oil management system. Equipped with completely new designed vertical efficient oil separator, it can be almost perfect to separate the oil and refrigerant. Realize the oil line fully automatic operation, and improve the operation efficiency of system.