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Anhui Sanhu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Wuhu, Anhui Province. It has five major DCs in Anhui, Xizang, Hebei, Chongqing, Xinjiang, etc., with multi-point radiation and multi-dimensional communication to comprehensively guarantee customers’ pursuit of high-quality services. Deeply cultivating the clean energy industry for 20 years, serving over 300 enterprises, 3000 engineering merchants, with an annual production capacity of 100000 tons. The company attaches great importance to communication with high-end customers in the industry, and has participated in domestic and international high-end industry exhibitions as an exhibitor for many consecutive years, maintaining good interaction within the industry and keeping the company at the forefront of the industry, effectively grasping the development trends of the industry. In the process of long-term cooperation with customers, the company has won multiple industry awards with its safety, professional management level, and excellent product quality, and has a good reputation and reputation in the industry. The intelligent energy cold and hot management system energy working fluid integrates advantages such as environmental protection, efficient conduction, long-term effectiveness, corrosion inhibition, and antifreeze, and is favored by well-known domestic and foreign brand enterprises. Under the influence of carbon neutrality policies, the 2.0 Smart Energy Strategy has been launched in the clean energy sector, striving to promote industrial upgrading and transformation, integrate resources from multiple sectors, and contribute to the healthy development of the clean energy industry!

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