Goncord Oil (Yingkou) Co., Ltd. is a leading global provider of lubricating technology solutions and services. We are one of the few companies in the Asia Pacific region and the world to have an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of ester group PAO, polymethyl methacrylate, polyol ester, boronic acid esterfor brake fluid, anti-wear agent for lubricant, biodegradable base oil, additives and so on. A number of products are already synchronized with the international industry frontier, of which some top tier products have reached the world’sleading level and can be comparable to the technical level of many global companies’ star products. It has created a number records among national top level, even reached the advanced standards globally, with solid achievements in the development of the world synthetic ester industry’s forefront.Completely rewrite the history of foreign monopoly of this technology! From its establishment, Goncord Oil keeps on its development concept of "Devoting to innovation; optimizing lubrication", accurately grasps the pulse of scientific and technological development, starting from the viewpoint of global lubricant development, enhancing the level of domestic materials, aiming at the forefront of lubricant additives R&D, concentrating on technical and financial resources. We are steadily moving forward in the rigorous spirit of "based on the precise to the profound”. "Harmony and cooperation are the basis of development". Goncord Oil has cooperated with Lanzhou Research Institute of PetroChina, Dalian Research Institute of PetroChina, Liaoning University of Petrochemical Technology, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology and other institutions / colleges / universities, and set up a scientific research team led by senior experts in the industry, focusing on the core objective of "optimizing lubrication", from the synthetic ester compound structure analysis and improvement, synthetic chemical process design, to lubricant formulations, blending processes and so on. To promote and integrate mutually in scientific research, it ensures the practicality and foresight of synthetic ester application. At present, Goncord Oil R&D Center has more than 70 sets of testing equipment, which has implemented gradually the verification process of product from hand sample R&D to small trial production, pilot scale up and mass production; ensuring the quality stability of mass production transformation. It has the capacity of mass production and quality control. Goncord Oil now owns 10 sets of stainless steel high-pressure sealing reaction caldron with the largest volume per unit in China. The operating temperature range of synthetic ester production is from -30℃ to 300℃, with atmospheric vacuum distillation,alkaline rinsing, solvent recovery and other units, and the whole process of industrialized production of synthetic ester has been achieved independent operation, to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality. Meanwhile, it has special sewage, waste gas treatment equipment, which is able to treat acid/alkaline waste water, waste gas; with safe and complete site management of hazardous chemicals storage and transportation. Adopting auto-control system and temperature sensor made by Siemens, we ensure the high-precision control of the techniques and reaction parameters in the manufacturing process, which achieves automation and visualization of the production. Strictly control the feeding of raw materials, unified quality control requirements, carried out in strict accordance with the quality management system requirements, our products achieve the whole process traceability, to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality. Until now Goncord Oil has been successfully developed to manufacture massively synthetic ester, such as PMA pour point depressant, viscosity index improver, neopentyl polyol ester, thenatural fatty acid ester, synthetic ester special for transformer oil, and so on more than 10 kinds. Meantime, it can manufacture products for directional use, such as environmental protection polyol ester synthetic refrigerant oil, synthetic compressor oil, aviation lubricating oil, environmental protection transformer oil and synthetic ester metal processing fluid, etc. The performance and quality of the above products have reached the world’s leading level. At the same time, in terms of comprehensive capabilities such as the structure and types of synthetic esters, Goncord Oil has become an industrial leader. At present, Goncord Oil produce synchronously many core productsof the world’s top synthetic chemical enterprise , become one of the few global comprehensive suppliers. With a global supply chain system and partners from the world’s top 500 chemical companies, such as Dow Chemical Company, BASF, OXEA, Sasol Limited,Perstorp, etc., Goncord Oil hasset up long-term and stable strategic relationship with them to ensure timely and stable supply. Goncord Oil is focusing on lubricating application, joint research & development, multi-sector localized substitution, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Kunlun Lube under Petrolchina on supplying of synthetic ester products, and reached deep collaboration agreements with Great Wall Lubricating Oil under Sinopec, Monarch lubricant oil, Laike lubricants, Jinzhou Kangtai lubricant and other well-known enterprises within the lubricating industry; furthermore, jointly promote the progress of lubrication technology/ joint R&D to strengthen the cooperation partnerships, such as with Shanghai Hitachi and Yantai Moon, having entered into large-scale application by providing leading products and solutions to enhance the industrial development level of the domestic synthetic ester refrigeration oil. In order to reduce the operating costs of imported equipment, Goncord continuously make research and development to speed up the domestic replacement, such as refrigerator oil for "BITZER refrigeration compressor" and other high-end equipment, entering the era of Made in China. Cooperating with the Iceberg Group/ Sanyo air conditioner/ Gree Electric Appliance to research and develop the related products , has also made breakthrough, laying a good foundation for the domestic refrigerator oil. Devoting to innovation; optimizing lubrication", to improve China’s synthetic ester manufacturing international competitiveness as our duty , to create the international first-class technological innovation enterprises as our goal, today’s Goncord Oil, following the pace of technological revolution, with continuous breakthroughs and innovation, striding toward the future. With its distinctive synthetic ester products, Goncord Oil will lead Chinalube industry to a new height!

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