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Fospova is engaged in the precision casting processing of aluminum alloy impellers &the research and production of high-speed motors. The company has first-class specialist, technician and advanced production equipments and technology. We have passed ISO9001:2008 Quality System Attestation. The production of impeller mainly adopts the technology of Plaster mold low pressure and vacuum casting, gaseous protection casting, rapid quenching, etc. We have perfect physical and chemical inspection equipments. The products are extensively applied in centrifugal refrigerating compressors,high-speed air compressor, turb chargers for Internal-combustion engine,etc. The diameter of impeller is from φ30mm to φ1200mm , the speed of rotation can reach 200,000 RPM and the highest line speed reaches 500 meters per second.The three-dimensional impeller gains the grand prix many times in this industry. Based on the cooperation with high colleges and universities in china,associated research institutes and relative customers,the project of high-speed motors makes solid progress.They are mainly used for high-speed centrifugal compressors and air blowers,and have the potential of replacing the existing gear accelerators.Compared with the existing motors,the motors have the advantages of simple structure,small volume,light weight,low energy consumption and high reliability. We will always deal with customers faithfully and insist on policy of quality for development. The satisfaction of the customers is the best support for us. The professional skill has proved us trustworthy partners and we work hard so that we may work better.

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