China Geothermal periodical


The “China Geothermal” (formerly “Ground Source Heat Pump”) magazine of Beijing Kuaineng Online Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2006. It was sponsored by Geothermal Council of China Energy Society (GCES) and International Ground Source Heat Pump Association Chinese Chapter, issued after Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission’s document of ‘Notice on Printing and Issuing Guiding Opinions on the Development of Heat Pump System’. It is a large professional periodical respond to and implement government policies and promote geothermal energy (include water /ground source heat pump air-conditioning) products and technology in the domestic promotion and application. In order to actively adapt to the new situation of the geothermal industry, help the entire geothermal industry chain become bigger and stronger, and promote the high-quality development of the geothermal energy industry, since January 2021, the "Ground Source Heat Pump" magazine has officially changed its name to "China Geothermal". In the form of the internal periodical of the Geothermal Industry Working Committee of China Association for Technical Supervision Information, together with Direjia app - the professional mobile terminal services of the Kuaineng Online Company, jointly serve the geothermal industry in China and help the innovative development of geothermal people and geothermal enterprises all over the country.

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