"China Refrigeration" is a professional HVAC industry media providing brand communication and interactive marketing. The combination of journals and micro marketing creates a bridge between supply and demand for the HVAC industry. China refrigeration was founded in 2005. The company has three professional journals, namely China refrigeration, air conditioning heat pump and HVAC in China, providing professional information services for more than 1500 refrigeration and air conditioning production and distribution enterprises in China.After nearly 15 years of development, China Refrigeration magazine has cooperated with many brands, such as Haier, Midea, Trane, carrier, LG, aux, stellar refrigeration, Shengneng, osena, bellette, Leo, Toshiba, Jingchuang, Jared, beizhou, keweili, Baode, yuanzhuo, Zhongjia, Huamei, etc. we have published and printed more than 160 issues of professional magazines, and visited ER2 successively Dealers in more than 300 cities and more than 10 provinces visited and investigated. In 2020, we will launch a new live broadcast service of HVAC video for industry enterprises. Among them, the video live broadcast of "China HVAC · everyone talks" is a customized special video interview for people from all walks of life in the HVAC industry, including "government, enterprise, University, research and channel". Representatives from all fields of the industry are invited to share with the audience and readers the achievements and experience of China HVAC in various fields and the expectation of the development prospect of China HVAC. The live broadcast of the conference and Exhibition greatly facilitates the people in the warm communication industry.As a professional information provider, the company relies on the accumulation of resources and project implementation experience in the refrigeration, heating and ventilation, fresh air ventilation and other industries. It is good at integration, with outstanding effectiveness, and focuses on brand marketing communication. It is committed to providing efficient and fast brand communication, network promotion and other professional media marketing, contributing little to the promotion of brand growth for many enterprises.

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