Chongqing General Industry (Group) Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CQGI) is a large state-owned high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise with independent intellectual property right and technology innovation capability in key turbo machinery products, which has about 100 years of history. The technology center of company has been identified as national technology center. CQGI has been listed as National Demonstration Enterprise in Technology Innovation; National Demonstratio Enterprise for intellectual property rights and Demonstration Enterprise for National Industrial Brand Development. CQGI has built high efficiency centrifugal compressor key laboratory of informatization and intelligentize. CQGI has been identified as Chongqing Turbo machinery Engineering Technology Center and Postdoctoral Programme. CQGI was awarded honors of “National May 1st Labor Certificate” .  CQGI is specialized in design, manufacture and sale of the centrifugal refrigeration machine and system, tube-shell evaporating and cooling air-conditioning units; centrifugal compressors, blowers, centrifugal fans, environmental protection complete-set equipment and engineering, wind turbine blades, Class I and Class II pressure vessels.  CQGI has been independent design and R&D system over the past years of the successive technological innovation and development, set up professional R&D teams such as aerodynamics, noise, structure, materials, process etc.; accumulated rich turbo machinery design, research&development and manufacturing experience and owned leading the research and development capability in the same sector. CQGI has a turbo engineering inspection and test service center in the southwest of China. CQGI has intelligent inspection and test platform of centrifugal fan and blower, large centrifugal compressor model test platform, so CQGI has production capacity of manufacturing of high-end equipment with accuracy machining, monitoring and inspection analysis, assembly and inspection etc..  CQGI has been the leader of technological innovation in many products in the same sector.  CQGI has good reputation and products have been widely used in the more than 30 countries and regions such as USA, Russia, Japan, Korean etc.

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