Guangzhou Basic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. established in 1997, was the first to provide central air conditioning and heating metering measurement services company in China. It is an advanced and new technology enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing , sales and service of intelligent building measuring products and building energy saving system. With strong R & D capability and tireless spirit of innovation, BASIC CONTROLS have obtained 22 national patents and 19 software copyrights(including one German patent and one Europe patent). Our products were developed independently and gained CMC, CE , ROHS, SGS, China Instrument Society Science and Technology Achievement Award , Outstanding Product Award and other honors. Meanwhile, BASIC CONTROLS is a company that is qualified to participate in compiling 4“National Standard”, “the Rules for National Metrological Verification Regulation” and “Industry standard of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development” in this industry. BASIC CONTROLS have been a certified ISO9001 organization since 2004. We strictly abide the standard of the quality management system, we passed the national supervision and spot check of the heat meter for the five consecutive year from 2012 and passed the durability test of the heat meter for three consecutive years from 2014. BASIC CONTROLS has a full range of metering products, such as heat meter, flow meter, smart energy meter, intelligent water meter, intelligent dynamic energy-saving valve and other auto control products, aiming at providing customers with AMR and Air conditioning Billing Solutions for all kind of buildings. With complete and advanced manufacturing & testing equipments(including SMT equipment and flow test device which achieve the DN400 production testing capabilities) and over 200 experienced staff, the annual output of core product reaches 300,000 pieces. BASIC CONTROLS has focused on the HVAC industry for 20 years, and has achieved a good reputation and established a brand effect. We have provided 1000+ AMR and Air Conditioning Billing Solutions for all kind of buildings, such as the University of Macau, Hongkong Airport, The Curve Tower, Menara Shell, Riyadh Business Center, Nishi Apartment Australia, Guangzhou TV Tower, White Swan Hotel, and other landmark projects.

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