Scope of Business PHNIX is a national high-tech enterprise, founded in April, 2002, focusing on heat pump R&D, manufacturing and providing comprehensive energy-saving solutions. PHNIX has a complete heat pump industry chain, and its products involves swimming pool heat pump, house heating and cooling pump, domestic heat pump water heater, heat pump dehumidifier, commercial&industrial high temperature water heating solution, industrial and agricultural drying, etc. Among them, the export volume of swimming pool heat pumps has been among the best and ranking the top place in China for many years. The ultra-low temperature EVI heat pump has been widely used for house heating in Northern China. What’s more, because of its advantages such as safety, efficiency, environmental protection and low energy consumption, it has become a government recommended solution to replace traditional boilers. As an international enterprise targeting the global market, PHNIX attaches great importance to high-end overseas markets, 50 percent of its products has been constantly exporting to Europe, North America , Middle East, Australia, and other developed regions and rewarded consistant reorganization for 18 years. Market Overview Through years of technological innovation and strategic market expansion, PHNIX has become one of the most famous and influential brands of heat pump in China. While leading the Chinese market, PHNIX has also advanced its relationships with international business partners and distributed its innovative products and technology globally. PHNIX has been in the European and North American heat pump markets for the past 18 years. Until now, about 50% of PHNIX Heat Pumps, including Swimming Pool Heat Pumps, House Heating Heat Pumps and Hot Water Heat Pumps, have been exported to markets outside of China. Integrated Supply Chain PHNIX has an integrated supply chain system. We have several brother companies as our upstream supplier for different components of heat pump, such as heat exchanger, buffer tank, thermostat, plastic casing, galvanized steel casing. This is one of the reason why PHNIX can always provide heat pumps with stable quality to the market.

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