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FU SHENG Corp. has founded in 1953, currently has 19 factories, more than 10,000 employees and annual sales of US$1.4 billion. Fusheng Corp. has more than half a century of professional manufacturing experience in the field of compressors, world-class high-precision automated processing equipment, world-wide patents and keep pace with other world-renowned brands. Based on the mainland and facing the world. Fusheng Corp. began to set up factories in mainland China to develop its layout. Relying on the advantages of the Corp., we study the frontier technology of compressors & develop and master the key technologies that are cutting-edge in this industry, while continuously integrating various resources, to pursue innovation and create competitive advantages,and localize the advanced technologies, to create compressor production bases with Chinese characteristics. In 1995, Fusheng established Fusheng Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in charge of the production and distribution of “Fusheng” brand refrigeration compressors in mainland China. It has successively launched CSR series high-efficiency screw refrigeration compressors, SDL(SRT) two-stage low-temperature screw compressors, and SRT two-stage heat pump screw compressors to meet the demands of eco-friendly and high-efficiency in air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating industries. Fusheng will even launch the global innovative patented SST two-stage screw scroll compressor and large displacement magnetic suspension centrifugal compressor to meet higher requirements from customers. "A guy who’s unable to keep ahead, loses his leadership." Fusheng will reinforce its advantages, continue to innovate and develop, and do its part for the development and upgrading of China’s refrigeration and air-conditioning industry!

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