Fujian Tenlead Advanced Material Co., Ltd.


Fujian Tenlead Advanced Material Co., Ltd. locating in Fujian province, China, started doing independent research and development in phenolic foam insulation materials since 1998, and continuously focuses on the technology improvement and market promotion for phenolic foam materials. During the more than 20 years in phenolic foam business, company production started from simple mold foaming to multiple large-scale modern assembly lines. Meanwhile, the products developed from simplify to diversify, which is the evolution processes of phenolic foam industry, also is the development and growth processes of Fujian Ten-lead company. Fujian Tenlead Advanced Material Co., Ltd. has strong manufacturing ability. We are equipped with synthesis workshop for phenolic resin up to 200,000 tons annually. At the same time, we possess multiple foaming assembly lines, which can not only satisfy the production demand of different kinds of products, but also provide the guarantee for customer requirement. Fujian Tenlead Advanced Material Co., Ltd. takes product quality seriously. We have our own R&D labs and testing equipment. We have R&D department and quality management department to customize the most suitable products and application solutions for our customers. Looking forward to the future, Fujian Tenlead will continue to focus on the development, production and sales of phenolic foam insulation materials, providing customers with the highest quality of phenolic foam materials and becoming the leader in the phenolic foam industry!

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