Foshan Nanhai Ming Huang Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd.


Foshan Nanhai Ming Huang Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd. is a Professional manufacturers of refrigeration, air-conditioning, heat exchange equipment . It was founded in 1998,and had been nearly 20 years of production experience. Headquarters is located in Guangdong Province Foshan Industrial Park of national demonstration -- Song Xia Industrial Park. It covers an area of 19800 square. The main business scope: Professional production of condenser, evaporator, cooler, heat pump water heater sheet metal parts and other heat exchanger and sheet metal casing. Products are widely used in commercial air conditioning, heat pump water heater, air conditioning, refrigeration of railway transportation, automobile air conditioner, air conditioning of ships, agricultural products, fresh air units, cold storage, freezer, cooler, drier, dehumidifier, seafood machine, pool machine etc..

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