Empower Green Development with Digital Intelligence
2024-4-7 0:00:00 | Noticias de Exposición | CREXPO

After more than 30 years of development and innovation, China Refrigeration Expo, has become one of the largest, most professional, and authoritative brand exhibitions in the global HVAC&R field. It has a number of authoritative certifications such as the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), the U.S. Department of Commerce (US DOC), and the China Association for Exhibition Centers (CAEC), making it the first choice for enterprises and upstream and downstream manufacturers in the HVAC&R industry and has gained widespread recognition from industry peers worldwide.
With the theme of “More Digital Intelligence and Emerging Tracks for Win-win Growth”, China Refrigeration Expo 2024 will feature 8 exhibition halls with a total exhibition area of ​​106,800 square meters, welcoming 1,006 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions. It presents the following features that are worth looking forward to:

1. A significant increase in international exhibitors, with Chinese and foreign brands gathering at CRH 2024
This year, the enthusiasm of overseas companies for participation has significantly increased, with 27 countries and regions participating, a 42% increase compared to last year, essentially returning to the level before the COVID-19 pandemic. Renowned Chinese and international brands will compete on the same stage. In addition to exhibition displays, exhibitors will also host multiple technical exchange meetings, new product launches, and technology promotion events, deeply engaging in the annual global industrial grand event.

2. Professional forums and conferences gain attention, promoting high-quality industry development through academic exchanges
The China Refrigeration Expo Organizing Committee will hold theme forums, symposium, and technical seminars during the exhibition period, combining industrial policies and industry development trends. This year, nearly 60 conferences will be held, inviting well-known Chinese and international industry experts and enterprise technical representatives to fully interpret the latest industry policies, regulations, and technological development trends. Multiple academic research results will be released during the exhibition period. High-quality conference forums have become a highlight that distinguishes the China Refrigeration Expo from other similar exhibitions.

3. Demonstration zones and organized audience groups enhance the quality of the exhibition
The China Refrigeration Expo Organizing Committee has established several demonstration zones to showcase the development hotspots in various sub-sectors. Among them, the Ozone2Climate Technology Roadshow jointly created by the China Refrigeration Expo Organizing Committee, relevant international organizations, and government departments has become an “icon” of the China Refrigeration Expo, contributing to global climate governance and ozone layer protection.The Roadshow Area of Integration of Industry and University made its debut at the China Refrigeration Expo, featuring “Excellent Cases of Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation” and “Technology Roadshows”, attracting many high-quality projects for display and organizing seminars for specific enterprises. In addition, the China Refrigeration Expo Organizing Committee will continue to organize professional audience groups such as the Nationwide Design Institute Chief Engineer Group and the Cold Storage Industry Observation Group to participate in the exhibition, strengthening in-depth exchanges with exhibitors and providing comprehensive services to exhibitors.

4. Innovation Products and Golden Award Products selection become important windows for industry technological releases
Since its first implementation in 2010, the China Refrigeration Expo Innovation Products selection activity has been widely recognized and closely watched by the industry, becoming an important technical exchange activity of the exhibition. Among the hundreds of products declared by exhibitors this year, 54 Innovation Products were selected after strict evaluation by the China Refrigeration Expo Expert Committee. Based on Innovation Products, the China Refrigeration Expo Organizing Committee will select Golden Award Products and Annual Product during the exhibition period, showcasing the latest achievements in the industry frontier, and encouraging and promoting technological innovation in the industry.

5. Leveraging the Internet to create a digital intelligence exhibition
The China Refrigeration Expo Organizing Committee fully utilizes its own media platforms to comprehensively promote and showcase the exhibition through official websites, official publications, official live broadcasts, official WeChat/Weibo accounts, and official Douyin accounts. So far, the official platforms of the China Refrigeration Expo have attracted more than 250,000 followers, with extensive industry coverage and great dissemination power, allowing Chinese and foreign users and industry insiders who cannot attend the event in person to participate in various ways.

6. Strengthening intellectual property protection work to maintain the driving force for industry innovation and development
The China Refrigeration Expo Organizing Committee attaches great importance to intellectual property protection, strictly reviewing the qualifications of exhibitors, and signing intellectual property guarantee certificates with each exhibitor. Corresponding measures will be promptly taken against exhibitors who violate the rules, and a blacklist of violators will be established with exhibition bans enforced. A booth dedicated to intellectual property will be set up on-site, inviting professionals familiar with law, intellectual property rights, and patents to provide on-site services related to intellectual property disputes for exhibitors, maintaining the driving force for industry innovation and development.
In 2024, the China Refrigeration Expo celebrates its 37th birthday. The China Refrigeration Expo Organizing Committee, not forgetting its original intention, adheres to the mission of meeting the development needs of exhibitors and the industry, continues to work hand in hand with exhibitors, various sectors of the industry, and industry peers worldwide, contributing to the green, low-carbon, and healthy development of China’s HVAC&R industry.