Guangdong Bizhuo Environmental Protection Technology Co. , Ltd.
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Guangdong Bizhuo Environmental Protection Technology Co. , Ltd. is a set of mechanical and electrical equipment installation, renovation, maintenance and air conditioning ventilation pipe cleaning, cooking fume pipe cleaning and air conditioning cleaning as one of the modern high-tech enterprises. Since its inception, the company has been committed to air conditioning maintenance, air conditioning cleaning, cooking fume system cleaning maintenance, split air conditioning and household appliances cleaning and maintenance. The service range covers a wide range of industries, including national government departments, subways, power companies, communication industries, factories, Star hotels, high-end office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, department store and so on. More than 20 years of professional research and practice, Bizhuo Environmental Protection Research and development of high-efficient Green Neutral Chemicals: Organic cleaning agent, bactericide and Algicide, pre-film corrosion inhibitor, water-stable moisturizing medicine, received the unanimous approval of experts and customers. At the same time, the company in the development of cleaning equipment, production, as well as in the air-conditioning maintenance, cleaning technology and product development with international standards. The company invests a lot of manpower and material resources to research and improve the existing equipment. The simple and easy-to-use robot equipment not only improves the working efficiency but also reduces the failure rate. In addition, the company has four Rapid Response Service vehicles, 2 project management and business communication vehicles, with 24-hour duty phone, fax machine and staff on duty, with a dedicated service process and sound quality management system.