Online Registration

Read before registration
I. Instructions for exhibition
1. All personnel entering the exhibition hall should complete real-name online pre-registration before the exhibition. Throughout visiting, it is necessary to wear masks, maintain a safe social distance of more than 1 meter, avoid gathering or crowding, and reduce physical contact.
2. Please make an appointment for your visit time online in advance. In case of peak flow of visitors, the exhibition hall will take measures to limit the flow. Please follow the instructions of the staff and visit in batches.
3. Admission methods of "real-name online pre-registration + verification of ID card" are uniformly adopted for those entering the exhibition hall.
4. All personnel entering the exhibition hall should monitor their own health symptoms before and during the exhibition to ensure that they and their close contacts do not have fever, cough, fatigue, diarrhea and other symptoms.
5. Persons under the age of 18 entering the exhibition hall should be led by their legal guardians. The guardian should sign the commitment letter of the agreement to bring minors, complete online real-name registration, and enter the exhibition hall after verification.
6. In-person meetings will be limited in number of attendees, and attendees should wear masks and maintain social distancing throughout the meeting.
7. Please eat in designated dining areas, while keeping social distancing and avoiding gathering.
8. Persons coming to Shanghai from other places should choose a regular hotel that meets the regulations for hygiene and epidemic prevention. Please avoid going to crowded public places apart from the exhibition venue as much as possible during the exhibition period. While going out, it is necessary to wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, keep social distance, and abide by the epidemic prevention regulations of the exhibition hall and Shanghai consciously. The above regulations will be adjusted according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of Shanghai. Please strictly abide by and follow the instructions of the exhibition staff.
II. The authorization of the participants' portrait use. The participants should know and agree that the organizing committee of China Refrigeration Expo will produce, use and disclose their portrait within a reasonable scope (including but not limited to the official website, official Weibo account and relevant news reports) for the purpose of recording, reporting and publicizing the exhibition situation.