General features: The high efficient coils are made from high quality inner-grooved copper tubes ø12 mm and special profile aluminium fins. Heat exchangers are supplied clean and tested under a pressure of 30 bars. Casing: White powder coated aluminium, highly anti-corrosion strength, impact resistance, and does not produce polluting debris. Stainless steel for casing and galvanized sheet for ventilator is available on HEA 500 series. Fan motors: All with high quality axial fan motors with high safety standards fitted well to the unit casing with an anti-vibration system. Defrost heating: Provided by stainless steel heater elements covered by the aluminium tubes, located in the finned pack and in the drain pan. Electrical parts and wiring: Are connected to an earth terminal, carried out in junction box with access holes equipped with water-proof cable grands. All materials are selected carefully for long-term reliability. Inner-Grooved Copper Tubing: The inside surface of copper tubin
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